Keto diet and intermittent fasting

Keto diet

The keto diet is more popular than ever before. What makes it so effective to burn fat and lose weight? 

A keto diet is a diet low in carbohydrates, moderated proteins and high in fat. It is useful for losing excess body fat without hunger. In addition to this you can also experience other well-being benefits, such as focus, steady supply of energy and better sleep quality. 

When you eat carbohydrates (sugar, refined carbs, grains, potatoes, cereal, pasta, waffles, juice, etc.) your body turns them into glucose (sugar). This sugar will be stored as glycogen into your liver. Glycogen is providing your body its energy. 

When you don’t eat carbohydrates your body needs a new source of fuel. You will start burning fat and your body will break it down into ketones which it will use as its energy. Your body and brain will thrive with this fuel. 

Most likely you have been told that we need carbohydrates to provide us energy. You might have also heard that it’s the only source of fuel for your brain. That’s not true since your brain also can run ketones. 

It’s true that our bodies need a little bit of glucose each day. This amount is equal to one teaspoon of sugar. Your body can make it from fat and protein. So you don’t have to consume this glucose to provide your body what it needs. 

When you go into ketosis your body starts to burn fat as its fuel. This includes fat from your diet and your own body fat. This is the secret behind the effectiveness of the keto diet. 

Your own body fat is working as an fuel source and you don’t have to eat all the time to keep your energy levels up. This will decrease your hunger levels and you will be satisfied for a longer period of time without food. 

You will get into ketosis by following a keto diet plan. You will reduce your carbohydrate consumption from 50 to 20 grams a day. Some people can handle more carbohydrates than others. 

Fat is the main source of energy in keto diet. You will also consume a moderate amount of protein and some carbohydrates from sources like vegetables, nuts, seeds and berries. 

In my coaching I follow my teachings from Dr.Berg´s principles of the healthy keto diet. 

Dr.Berg emphasizes that it is extremely important for you to “get healthy first, then lose the weight.” Getting healthy refers to eating healthy, high-quality foods that will provide you all of the nutrients your body needs.

This is the reason why my keto diet plan includes a lot of vegetables. More than most of the keto diets. Vegetables will provide you  important fibers, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. It is important to consume them in large amounts daily.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has gained more popularity throughout the past years.  What makes it so powerful to burn fat and lose weight? 

Many times people think about starvation when we talk about intermittent fasting. You don’t need to be worried about this. Intermittent fasting has nothing to do with starvation!

The intermittent fasting is voluntarally alternating cycles of eating and not eating (fasting). 

Very simply: You have a particular time of the day when you eat a certain amount of meals. Then for the rest of your day you don’t eat. You can still consume some liquids such as black coffee (without sugar), tea and water while you are fasting. 

It is important that you will make your own fasting schedule suitable for your life. You can eat for example three times a day between 8AM-8PM. Or you can eat twice a day between 12PM-6PM.

​Everytime you eat your blood sugar rises. Your pancreas will release insulin hormone to lower it down. 

Insulin hormone stores fat. As long as you have it in your blood, you cannot burn fat.  

If you want to lose weight effectively, you must lower your insulin levels. You can do this by reducing the amount of your daily meals. 

Combining keto diet and intermittent fasting

A Keto diet will provide you the most pleasant way to do intermittent fasting. Keto diet reduces hunger effectively and you can go longer without food. 

Your body will use its own fat as an energy source while you don´t eat. 

A Keto diet combined with intermittent fasting is the most efficient way to burn fat and lose weight. I use this combination in my coaching program  to provide the best results for my clients in their weight loss journey.