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Register and privacy statement


This is the Keto Coach Sari register and privacy statement, which is in compliance with the Finnish personal data law (10 ja 24 §) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This register and privacy statement is valid until further notice.

The register and privacy statement contains information about how Keto Coach Sari processes personal data. Keto Coach Sari personal data according to this privacy statement and applicable legislation.

We kindly ask you to read this privacy statement with care before using our web site, participating in a coaching session, or subscribing to our newsletter.  

To serve you to the best of our ability, it requires that we collect and process your personal data. We highly value your privacy and are committed to protecting it. This register and privacy statement contains important information about what data we collect, what guidelines we follow while processing it, and what rights you have over your personal data.

Keto Coach Sari processes your personal data as stated in this privacy statement and following applicable legislation, so we ask you to read this privacy statement with care.

Keto Coach Sari reserves the right to update this privacy statement if necessary. Because the services and web site of Keto Coach Sari are constanty developed, we recommend you visit this statement from time to time.

By using the Keto Coach Sari web site, purchasing a coaching session or consultation, filling in a contact form or by contacting us via other means, you agree that we process your personal data in accordance with this register and privacy statement. If you do not agree to these terms, we are most likely not able to serve you.


Keto Coach Sari,

Sturenkatu 26 LT 36,
00510 Helsinki 


Sari Shannon

Phone: +358 45 78320379


Name of the register

Keto Coach Sari customer register / Keto Coach Sari newsletter subscribers

For what purposes are your personal details collected and processed?

We collect, store, and process your personal information solely for pre-defined purposes. Main purposes are:

  • Answering contact requests
  • Managing customer relationship
  • Upkeep of customer information
  • Production and delivery of services
  • Development, planning and analyzing of business, website and services
  • Marketing purposes
  • Fulfilling contractual obligations
  • Invoicing
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations and demands
  • Targeting of services
  • Affiliate marketing purposes
  • Delivering newsletters

What personal information is collected and from what sources?

Keto Coach Sari collects personal data, when the User uses the Keto Coach Sari website, purchases a coaching session, lecture or consultation, subscribes to the newsletter or uses our services. In addition, we might save data recieved from the customer via online message forms, e-mail, phone, social media, agreements, customer meetings or other possible situations, where the customer gives out their data.

When you register for our mailing list, we collect at least the following information:

  • Name of the user / person
  • E-mail address

For customers, we also gather the following information:

  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Information about the customership, eg. subscription history

In might be possible to register for the mailing list with e-mail address only.

By entering their personal data into forms at Keto Coach Sari website, or by giving personal data by any other means to Keto Coach Sari, the User accepts that their personal data can be collected, processed and given out in compliance with and for the limited purposes as stated in this register and privacy statement.

On what grounds is your personal data being processed?

We ensure that we always have a legal basis for the processing of your personal data. We might process your personal data due to multiple reasons. We process your data to execute our agreement and to fulfill our legal obligations. We also process your personal data for our legitimate interest, which is to offer our services and to practice and develop our business. Some personal data might be processed with your consent.

Who processes your personal data and is it being handed over to third parties?

Your personal data is mainly processed by our staff while performing their tasks. For payments Keto Coach Sari uses the invoicing service supplied by Kassavirtanen. Keto Coach Sari might also use other service providers or subcontractors. To be able to offer and implement our services, personal data might be given out to service providers or subcontractors if required. In these situations, we do our best to ensure the transfer and processing of personal data is done in compliance with this privacy statement and applicable legislation. Your personal data might also be given out, if involved in and necessary to complete a business acquisition.

The User agrees that Keto Coach Sari can give out personal data for government or municipal officials, if necessary, to comply with regulations and applicable laws.

Keto Coach Sari web site might contain hyperlinks to, or content from other web sites.  These web sites are not controlled by Keto Coach Sari, and therefore Keto Coach Sari is not responsible for their content. If the User visits a linked web site, its usage falls under the jurisdiction of its privacy statement.

Is your data being handed over outside the EU?

For some parts, our service providers or their servers that store and process the personal data, might be located outside the EU/ETA region. Otherwise, we do not give out personal data outside the EU/ETA region as stated in regulations.

We take care that the processing, transfer and storage of your personal data is done securely and in compliance with the law.

For how long is your personal data stored?

We do not store your personal data any longer than necessary for their utilization or required by an agreement or a law. The duration of personal data storage might change due to their intended purpose.

How is your personal data stored and protected?

Your personal data is securely stored on our service supplier servers, that fulfills all requirements and best information security practices. The data we gather, and process are kept confidential and are not given out to third parties, excluding special cases such as required to accomplish work related tasks or limited access to our customers as agreed in service agreements. Access to your personal data is secured by user-level login credentials, passwords, and access rights.

Is it mandatory to give out personal data, and what happens if I do not?

If you do not consent to giving out personal data as described before, it is almost certain that we are not able to deliver the services you want nor fulfill our mission. If you do not consent to these privacy terms, we kindly ask you to not deliver any data at all.

The user commits to give out valid information when registering to Keto Coach Sari e-mail list, purchasing a coaching session, consultation or lecture, or otherwise filling in the form at Keto Coach Sari web site. The User can always access their data by logging in the Service. The User can also change and update their information by contacting Keto Coach Sari.

How do I cancel my consent?

If we process your data based on your consent, you have the right to cancel this consent at any time by informing us about your request by sending e-mail to

Do I have access to my personal data?

You have the right to know if we process any personal data about you, and if so, what personal data we do process.

What are my rights to correct my personal data?

You have the right to demand, that we correct any erroneous, outdated or otherwise deficient information about you.

My rights to deny processing of personal data

If we process your personal data for reasons based on the common good or our legitimate interest, you have the right to deny this, excluding cases where the reasons surpass your rights, e.g., to fulfill a legal claim. Please consider that in this situation we are most likely not able to deliver our services for you any longer.

My rights to limit processing of personal data

In certain situations, you have the right to demand that we limit the processing of your personal data.

How can I exercise my rights?

You can exercise your aforesaid rights by contacting us via e-mail at The registrar may ask you to confirm your identity if found necessary. The registrar will answer to privacy inquiries within the period stated in EU GDPR directive (within a month).

Can this privacy statement be changed?

We may make changes in this register- and privacy statement, in case applicable laws, our business activities or privacy fundamentals change. All changes are valid once the updated register- and privacy statement is published. For these reasons, we kindly ask you to frequently check this register- and privacy statement.

Who can I contact about privacy inquiries?

Contact information: