Prolonged fasting (48 – 72 hours or more)

prolonged fasting

Prolonged fasting. What is it and how it´s different than intermittent fasting?

You might already be familiar with intermittent fasting. If you’re not I recommend you to read more about it here.

Prolonged fast provides you more (even more important?) benefits than “just” fat burning and weight loss. 

Of course it’s a super effective way to burn fat, I won’t argue against that fact at all! 

But I think deep inside of us there is a wish to live a healthy long life. And for most of us, this matters more than how we look. 

Prolonged fasting provides huge health benefits and you can definitely utilize it even if you don’t need to lose weight. 

When you do prolonged fasting your body gets to rest and then the “magic” starts to happen.

prolonged fasting health benefits

The benefits of the prolonged fasting


During your fast you will produce high levels of ketones. Especially after 24 to 48 hours.

Ketones are providing you energy during your fast. And more importantly they will reduce inflammation in your body.

Digestive system

If you eat all the time your digestive system needs to work very hard. It never has time to rest and heal.

When you don’t eat your digestion system gets a well deserved break.


Prolonged fats help you to grow new brain cells. This can increase your memory.  (Dr.Berg, 2018).

Prolonged fast provides you other cognitive benefits.

The study published in The Journal of Applied Physiology found out that fasting over 48 hours will make your brain develop more neurons in your brain. This will give you more focus during your fast. (DeLauer 2019).


Prolonged fasting Increases your mitochondria. Mitochondrias are the energy factors of the body .

You will have lots of energy while fasting!

fasting benefits

Stem cells

Fasting enhances your stem cell production. Stem cells are important for you.

They are cells without any particular job in your body and your body will use them to create new specific cells wherever they are needed.  

Your stem cell reserve reduces when you age. Also stress, constant eating and sugar decreases them. (Dr.Berg, 2018)

According to DeLauer (2019) The University of Southern California study shows that “White blood cells are broken down during fasting, which in turn forces the stem cells in the body to produce more”.

Autoimmune diseases and immune system

Autoimmune diseases create inflammation in your body.

Since prolonged fast decreases inflammation it’s a good way to relieve your autoimmune symptoms. 

Prolonged fasting makes your immune system stronger. Who would you not want to benefit from that?


Autophagy means “self eating”. Sounds bad right? But don’t worry it’s not!

Actually autophagy is really beneficial for you if you want to stay healthy. 

When you do  prolonged fasting, the body goes into a self -cleaning recycling mode. It cleans dead, bad, infected, old proteins and fats in cells. Body can recycle them and use them as fuel.

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In my next post I will give you tips how to start prolonged fasting!

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4 thoughts on “Prolonged fasting (48 – 72 hours or more)”

  1. Having once trying this fast before, i was a little unsure of how my body would handle it, but it wasnt as intense as i hyped it up to be. i enjoyed this article and will not hesitate to try this fast again, thank you for this info!

    1. Thanks for your feedback Mike and you are welcome 🙂 It´s really nice to hear that you have tried prolonged fast and found out that your body can handle it. It´s such a great way to support your health. I hope you all the best with fasting in the future as well.

  2. Again such an insightful read about the wonderful ways of our body. Following your post on intermitted fasting and a conversation with a fellow yoga teacher, I have done 14-15 hr fasting periods beginning this week and I already feel the change. I feel so much lighter! So I was truly glad to stumble upon this post and learn more ways to let our body do the healing work. Will definitely try this, too. Am already curious to see how I will feel. Thank you for such a well-researched post! Love, Susanne

    1. So nice to hear that you have started intermittent fasting Susanne! It makes a world of difference 🙂 and I can guarantee that prolonged fast will give you a wonderful feeling of healing. I´m almost sure that you fall in love it and start implementing it in regular basis. Let me know how it goes when you give it a try <3

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