Terms and conditions

Terms of delivery

Valid since 13.11.2020 until further notice

Keto Coach Sari sells services to private persons and businesses. Keto Coach Sari reserves the rights to change terms and pricing. All prices include VAT (if applied in your country). 


Services can be ordered by contacting Keto Coach Sari via e-mail, phone, their website, or social media. By purchasing the service, you accept these terms and prices. At the moment of purchase an e-mail address is required, where the order confirmation is sent. The purchased service and its price are shown in the order confirmation. The purchased coaching sessions must be used within 6 months since purchase.

Paying and available payment methods

Keto Coach Sari invoices their services via the Kassavirtanen invoicing service. More information regarding Kassavirtanen is available at https://www.kassavirtanen.fi/


The ordered service can be cancelled before starting with written consent via e-mail.

Terms of agreement

  1. Applying these terms

These terms are applied at Keto Coach Sari own website and those sites in their use (for example but not limited to: www.ketosari.com) and for the services offered in these sites and for the customer relationship between Keto Coach Sari and their customers.

  • Contents of the service

Keto Coach Sari offers coaching and lecturing services, which include services and material offered by Keto Coach Sari and possible third parties, who are collaborating with Keto Coach Sari (later: ”Other service providers”). The contents might vary in different times.

Keto Coach Sari and Other service providers reserve the right to make changes in the offered Service, its actions, availability, and contents.

Services intended to use via a certain terminal (e.g. computer, smart phone) might differ from each other in regards of their actions and contents.

Keto Coach Sari can offer, relay or market services, either paid or free of charge, of Other service providers. Services of Other service providers are offered, relayed or marketed as-is and without further agreements. Keto Coach Sari is not responsible for possible damages that are caused by possible errors within the scope of the service by Other service providers. These errors may include but are not limited to false information, delays in delivering the service or the availability of the service. In addition to these terms, the User commits to the terms of service, disclaimers and sets of rules by Other service providers.

  • Coaching and lectures

3.1 Intended use

The User commits to using these services only for their personal use (excluding lectures for corporate customers). The User commits to using these services only for non-commercial use.

3.2 Registering as a customer

During the purchase of the Service, the User must give required personal information. The User is responsible for the rightness of given information.

The User must be at least 16 years of age. All minors or otherwise incompetent persons must go through these terms and conditions with their parents or trustees and have their parents or trustees acceptance for these terms and conditions before starting the coaching.

3.3 Content produced by the User

By producing any content, such as text, photos or videos, for Keto Coach Sari website or social media, the User commits to giving Keto Coach Sari full and irreversible right free of charge to use said content for any purpose in any way.

The User assures that their content is original and does not breach any applicable laws and that they have the right to give the rights to the content for Keto Coach Sari as mentioned above.

By sharing any content at the Keto Coach Sari website or social media, the User commits to, free of charge if required by Keto Coach Sari, answer for and defend Keto Coach Sari against all demands, costs (including reasonable defence costs), damages, liabilities and verdicts that are caused by content created by the User that are shown at the Keto Coach Sari website or in social media.

  • Immaterial rights

Unless otherwise stated, the proprietorship, copyright, trademark and all other immaterial rights included in the service or in the material sent to the customer belong to Keto Coach Sari. Quoting, copying, recording, editing, transferring, handing over or any other similar use of the material as a whole or even partially is strictly forbidden without a written consent from Keto Coach Sari.

Especially the information and guides given to the customer during the coaching sessions are based on confidential knowledge and know-how, which are property of Keto Coach Sari.

The guidelines and other material are given to the customer solely for their personal use and for non-commercial use. Releasing the material to others and publishing or sharing it in any digital or other media is strictly forbidden. Any customer breaching this term is fully responsible for all the damages to Keto Coach Sari as it is considered an infringement of copyrights.

  • Availability of the service

Keto Coach Sari does not guarantee and is not responsible for the usability of the customer internet connection.

The customer is responsible to ensure that the devices, software and other relevant systems required to access the coaching sessions and lectures are secure and safe, including their internet connection. Keto Coach Sari cannot guarantee that the coaching sessions are available with the devices, software, other relevant systems and connections of the customer.

  • Information given in the service

Keto Coach Sari aims to the best of their ability to ensure that all the published information is proper and up to date but cannot guarantee this. Therefore, some inaccuracies and errors may occur.

The customer always has to assess the applicability of the information regarding diet, exercise and wellbeing given in the coaching sessions and lectures for themselves. One must take into consideration e.g., their own personal health, physical features, and other personal conditions.

  • Disclaimer

The customer agrees to comply to the guidelines given in the sessions and lectures at their own risk.

Keto Coach Sari is not responsible for content on any such web site, where to or where from there is a connection from Keto Coach Sari web site or social media.

  • Changes in contract terms

Keto Coach Sari reserves the right to change the terms of contract according to their own judgement. Valid terms are available at Keto Coach Sari web sites. By purchasing any service from Keto Coach Sari, the user is considered to have read and agreed to the terms.

  • Transfer of contract

The customer is not eligible to transfer their rights and duties stated in these terms to a third party.

  1. Force majeure

If the fulfillment of the obligations mentioned in these terms and conditions or separately agreed with the customer is not possible due to force majeure, such as a natural event, disaster, legislation or official decision, strike or other comparable reason beyond Keto Coach Sari’s influence, Keto Coach Sari is released from filling their duties and obligations for the duration of the force majeure circumstances. In these situations the customer is not eligible for reimbursements from Keto Coach Sari for breaching the contract.

  1. Solving of disagreements and applicable laws

Disagreements regarding services between Keto Coach Sari and their customers are settled in District Court of Lapland. A consumer, as stated in law of consumer rights, has the right to file a suit in the District Court of their registered home municipality.

Finnish national legislation, excluding the rules of private international legislation, is applied to this agreement.