Coaching and pricing

The goal of my coaching is never to make you lose weight with a  “no matter what” attitude. It will happen by supporting your well-being and in your own comfortable phase. 

I follow my teachers Dr.Berg´s principles of the healthy keto diet. 

Dr.Berg emphasizes that it is extremely important for you to “get healthy first, then lose the weight.” Getting healthy refers to eating healthy, high-quality foods that will provide you all of the nutrients your body needs.

On a keto diet you will eat foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in fats. Your body will go into ketosis and you will burn your own body fat as your energy. This will make you lose weight super effectively.

Ketovalmennus ja hinnasto

My personal coaching is targeted to reaching your weight loss goals. 

We all are different and one size doesn’t fit all. Not even on a keto diet. You will achieve the best results when a coaching plan is made exactly for you. 

Together we will find out what is the most suitable speed for you to proceed on keto diet and intermittent fasting. We will make a coaching plan that meets your goals and your life situation. This will reduce dieting related stress and make sure that your weight loss journey will be a comfortable experience. 

We will meet weekly as many times as you want. 

I will support your journey by providing you information about topics you are most interested in. In our coaching sessions we can plan your next week’s shopping list together if you need this type of help. Or we can focus on managing your stress levels or increasing the quality of your sleep and energy with keto diet.

What is included in personal coaching ? 

The first coaching session

In our first coaching session together I will teach you the basics of a keto diet and intermittent fasting. I will provide you lists of foods you will eat and what you need to avoid on keto. 

We will make a personal coaching plan for you. 

You will also get access to the Facebook group for my clients. 

Personal goals and plan

Together we will set personal goals for your coaching period and make a plan how you will receive them.  Your personal plan will take into consideration things such as your life situation, and your work schedule. Also, it’s important that you share with me your preferences of how fast you want to move forward to change your diet.  

Weekly coaching sessions 

We will meet once a week. The first coaching session will last 90 minutes and the next ones 45 minutes. We will track your results weekly and make changes to your personal eating plan if needed. We are setting goals for the next week and plan for how you will achieve them. 

You must use all coaching sessions in six months from your purchase.

Are you interested in my coaching but not sure if it’s a good fit for you?

You can book a 30 minute consultation with me via Zoom. I will tell you more about my coaching techniques and answer your questions. The price of the consultation is 50 euros. I will compensate it for you in your coaching invoice, if our meeting leads into coaching relations.

Terms and conditions